Please greatly improve the treatment of animals in Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·!!!! We will boycott Greece until the Government Improve Vastly!!!!!!!!!

Hello πŸ‘‹,
There are thousands of stray dogs 🐢 πŸ• and cats 🐱 🐈 in Greece πŸ‡¬πŸ‡·. In 2012, it was estimated that there were 600,000 stray dogs in Greece (there were probably more stray cats). Most of these animals lead tragic and horrible existences, starving, without access to adequate water, unsterilised, without veterinary treatment (one dog in a picture I saw on a rescue website was infected with parasites. That dog may now be one of the lucky ones) and enduring abuse and malicious killing. Some of them are poisoned. One dog was tortured and burned to death. Others are hit by cars, with Greek drivers rarely bothering to stop and assist injured animals. I'm not a Christian ✝️, but this is supposed to be a Christian country. Would God want His animals to be treated this way?
I even read something about it being made illegal to adopt and rescue strays in Greece...
The donkeys of Santorini and, maybe, other parts of Greece are also mistreated, forced to carry heavy loads of rubbish or tourists around in the heat of Greece, with little to no food, water or shelter. They may also be hit...
This is all UNACCEPTABLE!!!!!!!!! Greece need to drastically improve their treatment of animals!!!! Animals have feelings, too. Scientists are in no doubt on the subject of animal sentience. Many animals feel pain, joy, excitement, fear, anxiety, sadness and perhaps even embarrassment and grief. This is no way to treat sentient beings!!
We will boycott Greece and continue to bombard the Greek the Government with messages against animal cruelty until they drastically improve things.
Thank you 😊.
Best Wishes to all,
Have the best day and night ever!

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