Disability Insurance Heavy Handed Treatment

    My petition is against RBC and their disability claims department, and how they handled my situation with a very heavy hand and it felt like they did everything in their power not to pay me. Upon my research I have seen a massive amount of other client reviews that relate to insurance claims, where they have had or are still having unfair treatment regarding their claim.
    We buy insurance and pay high premiums, and put our trust in the insurance company for full disclosures and fairness. If there is a time where you need to rely on the insurance, they always find an obstacle or loophole to not honor your claim. I have tried to contact them numerous times to try to solve this in a civil manner, and get what I was entitled to when I was injured, but they still continue to treat me with a heavy hand. I feel like the RBC Disability claim center should not treat you like you are guilty, until proven innocent. They try every reason to get out of helping you in your tough situation by finding legal tactics, diversion, and bullying, instead of doing a mutual fair decision, which is not biased. I believe they should show proof to their clients to show why they don’t qualify for their claim, and if their doctor’s opinion is the final decision maker, they should actually be accessing you in person and not just reading the notes from your file.
    I believe the government should look into this situation, because it seems like they are just making the shareholders rich. The system that they have in place to claim your disability is very hectic and not straight forward at all, it is not right to have people who have been injured or with an ongoing disability to go through this horrible lengthy process just to get help during a trying time. There needs to be a third-party auditing system and more regulations to create fairness to all Canadian insurance holders, no matter which insurance company they are dealing with, and to stop the corporate bulling to us Canadians.
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