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Support better health. Sign our petitions to improve health policy.

Let's come together and work on the health topics that matter most.

Whether we're focused on our own health, caring for loved ones, or working in public health around the world, health topics such as access to health care, health education, and drug safety have an undeniable impact on our lives. When policies are put in place that negatively affect the health of any individual or group of people, we all suffer. When schools can't properly feed our children with healthy, nutritious food, we all suffer. When we don't come together to improve health policy for everyone, we all suffer. It is time to stand together and advocate for the better health and healthcare. Because when we come together, we can work towards a healthier future.

Did you know that approximately 6.6 million children under the age of five die every year? The World Health Organization asserts that almost all of these deaths could be prevented if more attention was paid to health topics such as vaccines and medications, clean water and sanitation, and basic health systems. These are problems we can solve. We can save millions of lives and improve the quality of life for millions more. But we can't do it alone. We have to unite and become a coordinated force for good. Through the strength of our community, we can work on the health topics that matter most today. We can unite around our shared vision of a kinder, gentler, healthier world.

By advocating for the health topics that we care about and promoting healthier lifestyles among our family and friends, we can contribute to the solution.

When you create or sign a petition advocating for the health topics that matter to you, you become part of the Care2 community -- a community that has made world-changing impact through starting campaigns and supporting each other's work. We are a community united for good. With your support, we'll begin to tackle the health issues we face and create real change.

The petitions below cover a range of health topics, from advocating for better food and drug safety laws to supporting initiatives that improve health care options for women and children; from taking a stand against the use of GMOs and chemicals in our foods to taking action against the diseases that threaten our communities. Regardless of its scope or approach, each petition can have an impact. When we start down the path of supporting any one of these health topics, together, we can create a healthier future for our families and for people around the world.

By signing these petitions, or creating one of your own, you can affect policy and make a difference. With your support of the petitions below, we'll begin to address the health topics that affect us personally, the ones that keep us all from living our best lives. We'll continue to affect policy and change the face of health and healthcare.

When we stand together, our actions have an impact. When we unite for good, we can contribute to the solution. Let's stand together and take action on the health topics that matter.

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Salud Peticiones