Take action Now! End Noise Pollution in Mont Tout, Grand Anse

We, the undersigned residents of Mont Tout, Grand Anse, are united in addressing a critical issue that disrupts our daily lives and well-being: excessive noise pollution from Sizzle Bar and Lounge.

A recent survey revealed that nearly one-third of residents experience sleep disturbances due to factors including, but not limited to, noise. Everyone deserves to live in a peaceful residential environment, but this ongoing disturbance significantly disrupts our sleep, work, and overall well-being, potentially impacting our physical and mental health.

Despite filing complaints and seeking assistance from authorities, the situation remains unresolved. This lack of action, particularly by the Commissioner of Police, suggests a failure to effectively enforce existing noise control regulations outlined in CHAPTER 211A of the NOISE CONTROL ACT (Act No. 7 of 2006).

We, the residents of Mont Tout, deserve to feel heard and live in a peaceful environment as guaranteed by the law.

Our Proposed Solutions:

Strict enforcement of the Noise Control Act (CHAPTER 211A, Act No. 7 of 2006):
Mandatory permitting for loudspeakers and musical instruments used in public places.
Collaborative efforts with the community to establish clear definitions of "reasonable" noise levels.
Timely and effective responses to noise complaints.

Reduced late-night noise limit:
We propose revising the Noise Control Act to lower the late-night noise limit in residential areas to 10:00 PM. This alteration is crucial, considering the nearby residences, with some located within a hundred and fifty yards from the bar.

Accountability from authorities:
We urge increased accountability from the authorities to protect residents' rights to a peaceful and healthy environment. We call upon the Commissioner to uphold these rights by enforcing the Noise Control Act effectively.

Community engagement:
We propose collaborative efforts with the Commissioner of Police and local representatives, such as increasing police patrols during peak noise hours and using noise monitoring equipment in affected areas.

Sign this petition to demonstrate your support and demand a peaceful neighborhood for all!

Your signature shows support for addressing excessive noise pollution in our community. Together, we can make our voices heard and achieve the change we deserve.

Please share this petition with neighbors and anyone who values a quiet and healthy environment.

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firma la petición
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