Trump is Silencing Women's Healthcare Providers!

Trump is out to pull federal funding from any organization that also offers abortions. It's called a gag rule because it means healthcare providers can not even DISCUSS abortion with their patients if they want any federal funding. This will be disastrous for clinics and for the women they serve.

Sign the petition if you want to stop Trump's abortion gag rule and allow women to get the care they need!

Blocking those who offer abortion services from being part of the Title X funding program for family planning will have devastating impact on rural families and communities of color. It's not "defunding Planned Parenthood," it's getting between people and their doctors, and is going to create harmful health outcomes such as unwanted pregnancies, untreated STIs and unsafe, illegal abortions. 

Let's remember that abortion is a consitutional right AND that no federal funding actually pays for abortions. But it does fund clinics that also provide abortions. Doctors must be protected and allowed to present a woman with all of her options. 

Sign on to tell Trump: don't gag family planning providers from speaking about all types of reproductive health care.
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firma la petición
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