Save the lifeguards …

    To the members of the Port Imperial Condominium Association,

    We, the undersigned residents of the Port Imperial community, are deeply concerned about the recent decision made by the current board to remove lifeguards from both the north and south pools for the upcoming summer season.

    We believe that having lifeguards on duty at both pools is essential for ensuring the safety and well-being of all residents, especially children and those who may not be strong swimmers. The presence of lifeguards provides peace of mind to parents and allows everyone to enjoy the pools without worry.

    Furthermore, we are concerned that removing the lifeguards may result in an increase in accidents and injuries, which could lead to costly lawsuits and legal issues for the association.

    We urge the board to reconsider their decision and to prioritize the safety of our community by keeping lifeguards on duty at both pools. We understand that there may be budgetary concerns, but we believe that the safety and well-being of our community should be the top priority.

    We call on all residents to sign this petition and to show their support for keeping lifeguards at both the north and south pools. Let us work together to ensure that our community remains a safe and enjoyable place to live.


    Dominic Mazza
    firma la petición
    firma la petición
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