Getting defibrillators to all football grounds

My name is Astley Mulholland. I play football semi professionally for Glossop North End Football Club. 11 years ago my brother passed away through cardiac arrest whilst playing football. This was a truly massive shock to the family.

If there had been the right equipment on-site or trained personnel my brother may have survived. So I'm going to try and make sure unnecessary deaths never happen again. The first 10 minutes of a cardiac arrest are crucial and the use of a defibrillator enhances people's chances of living significantly.

On 12th September 2016 Shaw Lane player Daniel Wilkinson aged 26 sadly suffered a cardiac arrest and lost his life.Fabrice Muamba also had a cardiac arrest recently. He thankfully survived because someone in the crowd was medically trained.

Such events seem to be happening at least once a season so football clubs need to take action!

I play football not just for me but also in memory of my brother. I want the Football Association to make it regulation for football clubs to provide easily accessible defibrillators, and to ensure that people trained to handle cardiac arrest are always on-site during games.

Please sign my petition now to the Football Association. If enough people sign, they will see that introducing this regulation will save lives.

To me the lack of life saving equipment and training at football grounds is a major downfall in grass roots and semi-professional football and I'm looking to change this.  

Thanks for taking the time to read this petition. Please leave a comment about why this issue is important to you and share this petition far and wide!

here is the just giving page link I have set up to raise some funds


Raising awareness for cardiac arrest.

Twitter: @astley24

Facebook: Astley Mulholland 

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