Tell President Biden to veto the GOP’s scheme to increase truck pollution!

Fossil fuel lackey Sen. Joe Manchin is furious that his little pipeline plans keep getting held up by the EPA, so he's finding other ways to pollute the environment and funnel more money into Big Oil's pockets — by switching sides and voting with Republicans to roll back President Biden's trucking emission rules!

The rule, which would require big trucks to abide strict limits on smog-creating emissions by model year 2027, would have limited emissions of nitrous oxide and other pollutants that cause asthma and other respiratory disease.

Tell President Biden to veto Manchin's backstab bill!

The EPA estimates these rules could reduce childhood asthma cases by 18,000 a year and prevent nearly 3,000 deaths a year — but the profits of their corporate backers are apparently more important to Senator Manchin and his Republican cronies. 

Fortunately, the White House can put a stop to this with a veto and make sure we'll have cleaner air for our kids to breathe. 

Tell President Biden to veto the GOP's rollback of truck pollution rules!

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