He Wants Women Who Had an Abortion to Get Death Penalty

There is a foolish old white Republican running for lieutenant governor in Idaho and he thinks women who have had an abortion should get the death penalty. Calling for this kind of violence towards a woman for her constitutional right to choose what to do with her own body should disqualify this man. He backed down from that, but only a little bit.

Sign the petition to tell Bob Nonini to drop out of the race due to these hateful and violence inciting comments.

He thinks threatening women with the death penalty would reduce the rate of abortions. Well, criminalizing abortion in this way would not only be unconstitutional but it would also make abortions less safe. Women will get abortions and efforts like this just make it more likely that they end up with a back alley coat hanger job that could result in future infertility, other injury or even death. 

So essentialy what this man is saying is that he thinks women should die. This is the quintessential argument for all pro-lifers, a bundle of cells is more important than a woman's health, choice, safety and future. This logic truly sees women as incubators and not autonomous beings. If this man truly cared about reducing abortion rates, he would be focusing on procuring affordable birth control for all. 

It's unreasonable to ask people not to have sex with one another. It is reasonable to provide birth control to as many people as want it. That would mean fewer unintended pregnancies and thus fewer abortions. All other arguments are based in misogyny. 

Sign on to tell this hateful man you don't think he should even run for Lieutenant Governor of Idaho. 
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