Aspartame Might Cause Cancer. Why Won't Coca-Cola Commit to Removing It From Our Drinks?

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  • destinatario: Coca-Cola Chairman & CEO James Quincey, President & CFO John Murphy
The World Health Organization will soon declare aspartame a possible carcinogen, meaning the ingredient could cause cancer in humans. But instead of taking these early research findings seriously and removing aspartame from all of their products, companies like Coca-Cola are doubling down in denial and refusing to listen to scientists.

It is time Coca-Cola start taking the well-being of their customers seriously, and put public health over profits.

Sign now to demand James Quincy and John Murphy -- CEO and CFO of Coca-Cola -- take aspartame out of all Coca-Cola products!

It is no secret that aspartame is a key ingredient in Diet Coke, and food safety activists have long wondered about the accuracy of industry claims that artificial sweeteners are safe, or even "more healthy" than cane sugar.

Rather than taking the recommendations of the World Health Organization seriously, multinational corporations are focusing on profit. Individual companies and trade organizations are condemning the report, saying the science is unclear. But even if the science is unclear, shouldn't companies be safe and cautious until a potential cancer link is disproven?

We know this is possible -- in 2020, PepsiCo made the move away from aspartame, putting consumer safety first. Why is that so hard for Coca-Cola?

If Coca-Cola cares at all about the health of its consumers, it will remove aspartame from all of its products. If something might be carcinogenic, we should not be consuming it until the "science is settled." Companies should be as proactive and careful as possible! Sign the petition now if you agree!
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