Kids Can’t Thrive on Empty Stomachs

The cost of food is rising — and it's pushing many families to the brink of hunger.  

A poll of voters in rural America found that 77% of parents fear they won't be able to feed their children this year. 

Without help, those hungry kids could miss out on the bright futures they deserve. 

Tell Congress: Nutrition is getting harder to afford — and families need more support. 

To whom it may concern: 

Rising food prices are pushing families across the nation to the brink of hunger — especially in rural America. A recent poll conducted by Save the Children and Save the Children Action Network found that 77% of small-town voters worry they won't be able to feed their families this year.  

That's why the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program (SNAP) is so critical. It ensures 42 million people in the U.S. — about half of them children — have access to nutritious food. 

But at current levels, research shows that households redeem more than half of their SNAP benefits within a week of receiving them. 

To prevent more kids from going hungry and suffering delayed development, we must protect SNAP in the next Farm Bill.  

For every $1 spent on SNAP, roughly $1.50 goes back into local economies and farmers' pockets — which is significant, as SNAP accounts for about 8% of expenditures on food consumed at home. This program also boosts the purchasing power of beneficiaries by freeing up money for other basic needs, like diapers and hygiene essentials.  

As an advocate for kids, I urge you to protect SNAP in the next Farm Bill so children have the bright futures they deserve.

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