Tell Congress: Protect safety net programs for our most vulnerable Americans!

Millions of American families depend on critical programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and Social to access high-quality health care and innovative treatments and medications. Along with the Affordable Care Act, these programs have extended health coverage to America's most vulnerable populations—seniors, people with disabilities or chronic conditions, people with low incomes, and historically underserved communities—many of whom lack the resources and platform to fight back against rising costs.

Tell Congress: Protect the safety net programs that seniors and underserved communities depend on for equitable and affordable access to health care.
Subject:  Protect safety net programs for our most vulnerable Americans!

Dear [Decisionmakers]:

The quality of health care in America hinges on our commitment to improving and safeguarding vital programs like Medicare, Medicaid, and the Affordable Care Act.

I urge Congress to prioritize proposals that strengthen America's safety net. They must resist legislation that either weakens the innovation pipeline or deepens the gaps in access plaguing underserved communities across the country.
That includes:

-Pursuing common-sense, bipartisan solutions that limit out-of-pocket medical and prescription costs for Medicare recipients.
-Expanding and strengthening Medicaid so that millions of low-income Americans have a viable pathway to access affordable treatments and medications – including the nearly 10 million children who get their coverage through the Children's Health Insurance Program (CHIP).
-Defending the Affordable Care Act on behalf of the 14.5 million people who purchase individual coverage through the Marketplaces.
-Opposing policies and actions that make it easier for companies and pension administrators to shortchange hard-working Americans.

I support legislation that ensures Americans are healthy and secure – particularly during a global pandemic – while championing common-sense reforms that guarantee the long-term sustainability of the American safety net.
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