Tell Your Legislators: Pass Medicare for All in Massachusetts

Thanks to years of grassroots pressure, 76 Reps and Senators - almost 40% of the state legislature - have cosponsored the Massachusetts Medicare for All Act. We need a huge push on the rest to support the bill so we can get it out of the Health Care Finance Committee and onto the floor for a full vote.

The Massachusetts state legislature is 83% Democratic, with super-majorities in the House and the Senate. There is no excuse for state legislators to continue protecting pharmaceutical and health insurance corporations at the expense of patients across the state.

Access to health care in Massachusetts now costs over $10,000 per person, and nearly half of Mass. residents struggle to afford health care. This is unacceptable when Medicare for All can provide universal, comprehensive health care to everyone in the state while reducing costs by cutting out for-profit middlemen.

Join Mass-Care: the Massachusetts Campaign for Single Payer Health Care, in demanding that your State Representative and State Senator pass the Medicare for All in Massachusetts Act.
Dear Representative,

As your constituent, I'm asking that you cosponsor the Massachusetts Medicare for All bills and work to get it on the Governor's desk.

Massachusetts residents face serious barriers to care. In 2019, nearly half of us struggled to afford health care; assurances that we already have near universal health care have not fixed the situation. Health care is a human right, and the only way to ensure cradle to grave coverage is to do what all developed countries have done - including countries the same size as Massachusetts, such as Denmark - and institute a public health insurance plan that eliminates insurer profits, gives every single person in the Commonwealth access to the same level of comprehensive coverage, and ensures all of our precious health care dollars go into patient care.

It's time to take a stand against the for-profit health insurance and drug companies who make millions rationing our health care.

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