People Are Dying of Overdoses in the Streets of Portland. But Harm Reduction Policies Could Prevent That.

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  • destinatario: Portland City Council
Portland, Oregon, like so many other cities in the U.S., is in the midst of a tragic drug epidemic, and seeing the deadly impacts. Use of highly addictive and dangerous drugs like fentanyl is rampant, and all residents are suffering the consequences.

Some regressive politicians are using this crisis to advocate for more punishment for drug users. But we know this type of drug policy has never worked.

Sign now to tell Portland City Council: stop punishing people for fentanyl possession, and start introducing policy focused on harm reduction!

Fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that is extremely potent - and also extremely dangerous. It's often laced into other drugs, meaning unsuspecting individuals can end up subjecting themselves to it without knowing.

To reduce the fentanyl crisis, people need support through harm reduction. For decades, research has shown that this is literally the only way to actually combat addiction. It is time for the city of Portland to listen to the science and create policy that emphasizes harm reduction.

Throwing more people in prison will do nothing to reduce drug use, addiction rates, or overdoses. It will just mean more people who are suffering are thrown behind bars, away from their families and communities, and stripped of most social support. Putting people in a cage doesn't end their substance use; it often just fuels it.

It is time for Portland to enact evidence-based policies to address the drug crisis. Sign the petition now if you agree!
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