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The past year has been a time of isolation, change, and lament. For many of us, it may have even changed how we think about justice and loving our neighbors.

Families who were already struggling to make ends meet found it even more difficult in the midst of a global pandemic. And we quickly realized that our government officials were not going to help us in the way we needed.

Mutual aid is a political relationship that is formed inside within a community. It is a way of taking care of each other in the midst of pandemics, natural disasters, celebration, and tragedy. It is born out of the idea that it takes everyone to make a community and society.

Mutual aid helps make a community more livable in the midst of a world where the state and the government refuse to actually meet the needs of our people. Another world is possible — a world where balance is restored into our neighborhoods into our earth and into our economy.

Mutual aid is a practice of love bigger than profit. A spiritual technology for a new world. Sign now to join us for 7 days and reflect on how the past year has changed us and how we think about community, faith, and how we can build a better world together.
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