Tell EPA to Continue to Monitor/Remove Asbestos From Buildings!

The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) recently rolled back policy that would require the monitoring and possible removal of asbestos still located in buildings all over the country. Now, only new uses of asbestos will require EPA approval and health risk evaluation.

That means that existing asbestos will continue to kill people and the EPA doesn't care!

Tell the EPA that this is wholly unacceptable and that the asbestos mandate must be reinstated by adding your name to this petition!

Studies show that around 15,000 to 40,000 Americans still die every year due to asbestos exposure. Many of them were exposed as children; a large number of public school buildings still contain the insulating fiber.

President Trump has said in the past that the health problems linked to asbestos were actually a conspiracy cooked up by organized crime to land insulation removal contracts. Between this and heavy lobbying from the chemical industry, the EPA has deigned to allow more Americans to die because they were unknowingly exposed to a toxic substance.

This goes against everything the EPA was set up to do. Their top priorities should include safeguarding Americans' health, but this policy decision shows that this isn't the case.

Please remember to share the petition on social media and with family and friends for maximum exposure!

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