Petition to help the homeless in Forest Hills - many displaced due to Covid 19

I will be adding a picture here of my own and then will publish on facebook. Cannot post and image right now due to copyright issues.

I recently met a young girl sitting in the street crying about 5 days after COVID 19 had caused all the business and offices in NYC to close. She asked me for money and she looked as if she had been crying. I asked her what was wrong. She said she had not eaten in three days - was staying in a shelter and there was no food because the food servers were not allowed to feed people there. So I gave her money, got her a sandwich and coffee and gave her gloves and another fresh mask I had. This girl was an orphan. Parents died the year before. And was on her own. This is one case out of many. Something has to be done to help these people back to work. Whether its delivering food or working in a Starbucks there seems to be no route out of homlessness. Most of these people lose their ID and its downhill from there.  Let see what can be done to sign this petition and then we can take it to the Queens Bourough President. I will shortly ask any medical professionals that my company deals with in the neighborhood to sign the petition. 

Peter Hamilton DoctorsToday, Inc

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