Tyson: Keep Your Promise

    Dear Tyson CEO Noel White:

    Keep your promise.

    In response to growing sustainability concerns from customers, shareholders and the public, your company made a historic commitment to adopt conservation practices on 2 million acres.

    Tyson pledged that this commitment would kick in by 2020. But 2020 has arrived, and we have not yet seen any evidence of progress.

    As we write, the planet is literally going up in flames, our soils are washing down the Mississippi River, and our waters are covered in toxic algae. We cannot wait a moment longer for action. We need Tyson to make transformational changes this year.

    Tyson has a long track record as one of America’s most polluting companies. Transparency and evidence of action will be critical to build public trust in Tyson’s sustainability commitments.

    We are calling on you to rapidly move forward with Tyson’s commitments to improve U.S. farming practices and reduce greenhouse gas emissions, and to provide a public report on your progress.
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