Puppy Mills and Animal Cosmetics Testing Are Pure Cruelty. So Oregon Banned Both.

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: All other state legislatures besides Oregon, Washington, California, Illinois, New York, Maryland, and Maine.

Oregon just became the seventh state to stand up against the abusive puppy-mill-to-pet-store-pipeline. The governor of the coastal state just signed two critical bills into law: one which bans the sale of puppies and kittens in pet stores, and another which bans cosmetics testing on animals. 

Those of us who believe animals deserve rights and protections have been fighting for laws like these for years, and now, we're winning. It's time to keep the pressure up and urge all remaining U.S. states to follow suit!

Sign now to tell all remaining states to ban the sale of puppies and kitties in pet stores and cosmetics testing on animals!

There is no reason pet stores should profit off of the tragic exploitation that occurs in puppy mills. By banning the sale of cats and dogs in stores, the state is encouraging even more pet owners to opt into humane options like adoption!

In the legislative double-whammy, the state also passed a law which bans the sale of cosmetics tested on animals. This is another huge victory, and will force producers to test in ethical ways!

It is time for other states to stand up for animals and pass these common-sense laws. Sign the petition now if you believe these animals have rights and deserve protection all across the country!

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