Demand Google Let Us Keep Our Private Info Private!

    We, the undersigned, urge Google to provide users Of Chrome with privacy and install a global opt-out in the Chrome browser.

    Consumers who use the Chrome browser should not have to wait any longer for more control over their data.

    Global Privacy Control (GPC) is a sanctioned privacy-protection option. Under CCPA §1798.185(a)(19), the California Attorney General outlines requirements for a global opt-out.

    “For businesses that collect personal information from consumers online, one acceptable method for consumers to opt-out of sales is via a user-enabled global privacy control, like GPC. Developed to enhance consumer privacy rights, the GPC is a ‘stop selling my data switch’. Opting out of the sale of personal information should be easy for consumers.

    The lack of a global control in the Chrome browser leaves consumers to have to opt-out of the sale of their information at every website - one by one and over and over again.

    We insist you do the right thing and reduce the burden on users of your browser to repeat their preferences at every website they visit.

    Google, install a global opt-out on the Chrome browser, because privacy can’t wait.
    Chrome Privacy Now!


    The Undersigned
    Mettre À Jour #1il y a environ un an
    We have some updates regarding the Chrome Privacy Now! Campaign.The campaign was kicked off last year by Oakland Privacy's previous Privacy Rights Fellow Yadi Younse. We've been contacting Googlers to reach the appropriate Google team to deliver our demand letter, on behalf of the tens of thousands of people who signed the petition. Please visit to download our social media kit and help us get more signatures on the petition!
    - Jessica Ramos 2023 OP Fellow
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