Essential Squirrel Populations Have Plummeted in Texas

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Texas Parks and Wildlife Department

Squirrel populations have dropped by a whopping 92% at a wildlife refuge in Texas, according to a recent study. The report found that the local squirrel population has shrunk to its lowest size in over 30 years. Squirrels get a bad rap, but they're absolutely vital to the well-being of so many ecosystems.

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These goofy little creatures are crucial to ecological health! In fact, researchers sometimes refer to them as "nature's gardeners" because they effectively plant seeds and expand forest cover.

Unfortunately, researchers can't point to a single reason why squirrel populations may have plummeted so dramatically. It's likely that many different factors have hurt these adorable little creatures, including extreme weather due to climate change, or less shrubby foods for them to feed on. More research is needed to better understand what squirrels need to thrive and how us humans can best support their conservation.

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