Elect both male and female in coalition leadership

This is a call for change in the political system that both a man and woman govern the country united in coalition. I would like to see equal opportunity that men and women vote for both parties neutrally who will be equal in power and decisions.

Any legislations made that directly affect that particular gender must be made by the leader of the same gender. I would like to see a parental based government established the same as if a mother and father governs their child, that if any conflicts of interest were to occur between the two leaders the nation can decide neutrally by a referendum of the people which leaders policies get accepted including budgets.

I give permission that anyone who signs and shares this petition can advocate this as their own and present it to the leaders of your country, continent or island nation.

Petition will be sent to office at 10k signatures. If it for whatever reason is rejected I will open the petition up for 20k signatures.

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