Shouldn't we hold Justices to a higher standard?

    Multiple Democrats said Ginni Thomas' conspiracy-laden post-election text barrage to then-White House chief of staff Mark Meadows — and potentially others in the West Wing — warrants serious alarm about Thomas' involvement in cases related to the 2020 ballot.

    Several insisted Thomas should resign or recuse himself from anything to do with the Jan. 6 attack on the Capitol and other litigation that may reach the high court in the coming months.

    We want Democrats to send this powerful message to Thomas:

    Because justices receive lifetime appointments, removing one is harder than just calling up someone and firing them. In order to remove one, you have to impeach them.

    The process is the same as impeaching the president of the United States. The House of Representatives would vote on whether to impeach the justice in question. If the justice is impeached, there would be a Senate trial.

    If we don't act now, it will send a message that we do NOT take election interference seriously.

    The January 6 Committee MUST SUBPOENA CLARENCE THOMAS.

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