A National Nurse Shortage Puts Us All at Risk

The U.S. is in the middle of a national nurse shortage. The numbers are shocking: nearly one-third of all nurses claim that they intend to leave the profession soon. In fact, a whopping 80% of nurses recently surveyed claimed that they expect nurse shortages to continue to worsen in the next five years.

Sign now to demand Congress listen to the National Nurses Union and support nurses!

Nurses are vital parts of our healthcare system, and without them, the quality of care hospitals and doctors are able to offer will dramatically plummet. It is time that Congress acts to support nurses and meets the demands of the National Nurses Union to help prevent nurse shortages!

The National Nurses Union has made very reasonable demands to protect nurses across the country, including requests to improve workplace safety conditions and mandate minimum nurse-to-patient staffing ratios. If you have ever been in a hospital and felt like you couldn't get the care you needed because all of the nurses were so busy and overworked, you understand exactly why a mandated minimum nurse-to-patient ratio is necessary. 

These demands clearly benefit all healthcare workers and people seeking care in hospitals. It is time Congress act to meet the demands of the National Nurses Union and address the national nurse shortage!

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