There are more than 1000 bears in captivity (most of them are Asian Moon Bears- Moon Bears, with distinctive 'V' mark on their chest) in over 60 bear farms in Korea.

    The Korean government is responsible for this as they started importing bears from North America and Japan for breeding and export in early 1980's.

    Visits to 10 bear farms by moon, confirmed hygiene standards and the conditions of bears were both extremely poor.

    The bears were in small dog cages, fed with pig's food for cost cutting measures by bear farmers. All bears showed signs of abnormal behavior.

    There are no regulations providing for any specific methods of slaughter, and there is a widespread belief that the bears are killed inhumanely.

    Just imagine many bears waiting to be slaughtered for their gallbladder, feet and meat, crowded into small and filthy cages on a daily basis.

    Please sign this petition to stop this horrible crime.
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