Drop the charges against a Nebraska teen who got an abortion!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: Nebraska Attorney General Doug Peterson

In a terrifying glimpse of the future awaiting women in red states, a 17-year-old and her mother in Nebraska are being charged for inducing an abortion and burying the fetal remains. 

After someone tipped off the police, Celeste Burgess told them that she'd had a miscarriage — but the police then subpoenaed her Facebook messages. Meta handed the chats over without objection, revealing that her mother Jessica helped obtain the abortion pills. The pair are now facing felony charges, and the daughter is being charged as an adult. 

Tell Nebraska to leave Celeste alone!

Our worst fears are coming true. The police state is teaming up with the tech surveillance apparatus to persecute pregnant people for making deeply personal decisions about their own bodies and lives, and we can't allow this to become the first precedent for the legal battles sure to follow. 

Big tech, the police, and old white male Republican legislators have no business interfering in women's choices. Sign your name to demand the state of Nebraska stop prosecuting this child immediately!

Demand Nebraska stop prosecuting a teen girl for having an abortion!

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