an end to population crisis, money deficit, health crisis, war,

    why is it some people making multiple babies and why is it some people has none and still single. First baby is free but second baby should be charge and third babies should be charge even more. It is not a game to have baby, we are not having babies war here. China had already started one child policy . Why not America? One or two child policy can also give help to make for single or couple to have their own babies. So American dont need to adopt. Im still single and cant find a partner to mate but Im not extremely ulgy or bad person. I studied hard, work hard and now Im close to my 40s. Why is it so unfair? people who had spent time for themselve and make babies. When I was busy contributing to society and work hard and tryings to be an architect. I am lost... Maybe a lot of people who work hard and studied hard and single , are out there like me , lost...?
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