Shut down Coinbase

    Coinbase is a wallet for cryptocurrency from San Francisco California.

    For freelancers from South America, it is already quite complicated to receive payments from their clients abroad, especially when it comes to Venezuelan freelancers who still live inside Venezuela and whose government has countless restrictions on receiving money in foreign currencies.

    Many resort to crypto currencies to solve this problem and thus alleviate the economic situation of this country. But when it comes to exchanging these cryptocurrencies we need to make use of exchangers that receive them and can exchange them into our local currency.

    In the so-called "security" interest, Coinbase has placed arbitrary restrictions on people's accounts and has left their money locked up with no possibility of access. You have to see their Instagram account to realize how many people are complaining about how their money got stuck and they're doing nothing to give it back.

    No matter how many times one opens a case with a claim ticket the answer is always the same: they close the case and say it cannot be reopened. So we're trying to let the local Governments of California and San Francisco know about this scam going around the internet and take action against these scammers and shut them down for good!
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