Demand the Senate punish Ted Cruz!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: United States Senate

It's a perenially tight race, but Ted Cruz seems to be going above and beyond in his efforts to win the title of "most disgraceful Republican in the Senate."

His vocal support for Ron DeSantis' appalling kidnapping of Venezeulan asylum seekers and dumping them in Martha's Vineyard is just the most recent offense in an endlessly long list of outrages; he even tweeted out a list of places that DeSantis should send more migrants too and even falsely accused Democrats of "mobilizing the National Guard" to get rid of DeSantis' victims.

Demand the Senate remove Ted Cruz from his committee assignments!

That's just the beginning. Senator Cruz recently blew up a bill to protect local journalism by adding in an unrelated amendment, has promised to vote against the bill to codify same-sex marriage protections, and ignores the pleas of the families of the kids massacred at Uvalde to pass any kind of commonsense gun reform.

He seems to be more interested in posting inflammatory lies on social media than he is in doing anything to help the country he claims to love so much. It's time for the Senate to take action and punish him for his transgressions.

Demand the Senate punish Ted Cruz!

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