Fire the Chicago Cop Who Shot an Unarmed 13-Year-Old!

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot

A police officer shot an unarmed 13-year-old in Chicago's West Side as he was running away from them. Thankfully, the boy survived, but he was hospitalized and is in serious but stable condition. The shooting occurred when police stopped a car they suspected was involved in a carjacking. As officers walked up to the car, the boy got out and ran away. As the boy ran away, officers chased the boy -- and shot him. At a news conference, the superintendent of police refused to give any information about the officer who shot the boy.

Sign the petition to demand that Mayor Lori Lightfoot name and fire the officer who shot the boy!

This shooting comes about a year after a Chicago police officer fatally shot another 13-year-old, Adam Toledo. Sadly, not much has changed. West Side community members said the shooting highlights major problems with how police act in Black and Brown neighborhoods. An employee at a restaurant across the street from the shooting, commented on the brutal incident: "Police go for the kill too fast. What was the point of you shooting? They need to be fired."

A 2017 Justice Department investigation found that the Chicago Police Department has serious problems. The data showed the department is overrun with racial bias, excessive use of force, poor training and weak investigations of officers accused of misconduct. While police brutality is awful at any time, there is absolutely no reason for an officer to shoot an unarmed child and remain a cop.

Sign the petition to demand that Mayor Lori Lightfoot demand that Chicago PD name and fire the officer who shot this minor!

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