Bits of Plastic Are Entering Drinking Water!

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Chicago water officials
Our earth is full of plastic pollution, especially when it comes to bodies of water. Although we tend to think of plastic bags, bottles and straws when it comes to this pollution, there is an even bigger - or perhaps smaller - issue and that is micro plastics. The kind that aren't immediately apparent to the eye but have found their way into every water supply, including drinking water. 

Sign the petition if you think we must do a better job at filtering microplastics out of our drinking water!

22 millions pounds of plastic is being dumped in the Great Lakes in the United States midwest every single year, more than half of which goes into Lake Michigan, which is the source of drinking water for the huge city of Chicago. These tiny bits of plastic are dangerous for a bunch of reasons, not least of which is the fact that they attract industrial chemicals and then both the plastic and deadly chemical make it into drinking water. Other issues include the fact that these tiny particles of plastic can actually scratch and damage the digestive tract of people and animals that ingest it.

It's hard to get people to care about this issue because the pollutants are so small they aren't even visible. Chicago water officials say they are in line with existing environmental testing policies. The problem is that there is not policy requiring them to test for these microplastics! 

Will you sign the petition imploring Chicago water official to begin testing for and filtering out the dangerous microplastics in drinking water?
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