Revolution Season 3

  • par: Kaysi L
  • destinataire: Any network or company that will provide an ending to the series.

Revolution is an amazing show that has sadly been cancelled by NBC. We are trying to get this series to continue on another network! 

Mettre À Jour #3il y a 6 ans
Hi! The wonderful Revolution writers gave us a conclusion via comic book a while ago and I finally got them posted on the blog! You can check them out here:
Also, if you follow the twitter account (@Save_Revolution) and the Facebook page (Save Revolution) I'll be giving updates on what the cast and crew are currently working on!
Thank you again for all the support. Revolution fans are truly incredible. :)
Mettre À Jour #2il y a 7 ans
Hey everyone! I have some news to share! The Revolution writers will be writing an online comic book to wrap up the series! I know it's not another season but it is a conclusion and I'm really grateful that they are taking the time to write these for us. Check out this link for more info ---> :)
Mettre À Jour #1il y a 7 ans
Hey guys! We got the petition extended so please keep sharing it! :)
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