Petition for Universities to Be More Proactive in Keeping Dorms Mold-Free

    The Goal. To safeguard the health of university students staying in dormitories within campus premises.

    The Problem. It is a known fact that mold can lead to a host of illnesses, particularly respiratory diseases. People who get exposed to mold can experience any one or more of symptoms like allergies, breathing discomfort, cough, and more.

    During the previous year, there have been reports in some states about in-campus accommodations where mold is said to have been discovered in dorm rooms. Students who raised their concerns on the issue have cited adverse effects the mold growth had caused them—difficulty sleeping due to contaminated air, respiratory conditions, and the overall lack of productivity due to the discomfort brought about by mold.

    The Solution. The facilities concerned have already voiced the approach they're planning to take concerning the issue. And while such plans are in place, there is no time to be complacent. Universities with in-campus accommodations need to be more proactive in making sure that their residence halls or dormitories remain mold-free.

    To do this, there needs to be a concrete plan on how to solve the issue. First, every student's concern needs to be heard and given immediate attention. This means getting to the root cause of the issue. Mold inspections should be conducted regularly and if the presence of mold does get detected, aggressive measures to mitigate the problem should be in place.

    There should also be concrete steps on preventing future occurrences of mold. To get started, contact to hire their mold removal services.

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