Montague city officials fix our sidewalks!

My name is Pamela Rhoads I reside at 5052 Brookside Ct where my summer property taxes for the summer property taxes for 2023 were $4,650.19 and $566.71 for the vacant lot adjacent to my home. I was diagnosed with Non -Hodgkin's lymphoma in April of 2022. Part of my recovery and my transition to remission requires plenty of physical therapy. I am unable to safely walk to my Church do to fact the sidewalks that run along Dowling St are in such dire need of repairs the sidewalks are dangerous. I am 70 years old with severe osteoporosis if I was to fall on the broken sidewalks it could have detrimental life altering and politely deadly consequences for myself as well other citizens of Montague who also suffer from osteoporosis.

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