They're Killing One of Three Remaining Wolf Packs!

While Sweden has more than 400 wolves, roaming freely and happily in its forests, Norway has fewer than 50.

Fewer than 50. Not for any natural reasons, but because the government decided a maximum number of wolves than can be present in the country at any given time and keeps the packs that it has clearly monitored throughout the year. These wolves cannot wander in the whole country, however: they are restricted to an area that covers only 5% of Norway.

All of this is already ridiculous and cause for concern — but shockingly, this year Norway has decided to attack the wolves in the protected area (the no-kill area, to be clear) and kill one of the three packs that are present.

This is not only a problem for the country, but for the whole of Europe. Wolves are among the many species that are rapidly declining and are under strict protection for a reason. Occasionally, permits are given to eliminate problem animals — however, Norway has decided to kill these animals simply because they don't like them. No other reason. Ignoring the countless studies that prove that culling does nothing to help human-animal conflict and ignoring the fact that in Norway there is no such conflict! There are simply too few wolves to have caused any problems and evidence shows that this is not the way forwards. It's the way backwards.

That is why we are asking — no, pleading — Norway to take their decision back and let the three packs live and thrive in the tiny space that they have decided to leave wild. After whales, wolverines, golden eagles, lynx, bears and otters, this is the last straw.

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