Stop the one woman trying to ban 93 books in South Carolina public schools!

MAGA sympathizer Angelina Davenport is single handedly trying to ban 93 book titles from the public school system in South Carolina, forcing reviewers to go over 5,000+ pages of material before bringing it to a committee vote. The books range from classics like The Kite Runner to modern poetry books by Rupi Kaur, and all of them are ridiculous ban requests. 

Davenport argued that the movie "The Sound of Freedom", loved by QAnon, was a better representation of sex trafficking than the book "Sold" by Patricia McCormick. This book banner does not live in reality, she lives in a universe curated by Trump and his minions — dedicated to stripping away the public school system. 

It is our responsibility to protect our students' right to knowledge, and fighting book bans is at the heart of that duty. As much as Davenport and company would like it to not be true, many students have firsthand experience with the topics discussed in these "controversial" books — and they deserve to read material they relate to. 

Add your name to demand a stop to Davenport's book banning antics!

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