In 2023, Missouri Lawmakers Are Still Policing What Women in State Government Are Allowed to Wear

Amidst a global climate crisis, rampant income inequality, and a healthcare crisis from the pandemic, members of the Missouri House of Representatives decided the most important use of their time was to add new rules to the dress code. But updating the code for everyone wasn't the goal, of course – in classic Republican fashion, legislators adopted a stricter dress code for women only.

Sign now to demand this new, sexist dress code is stricken from the Missouri House of Representatives rules immediately!

The new dress code requires women to cover their shoulders while in the State House by wearing a blazer, cardigan, or knit blazer. To make matters worse, the cardigan and knit blazer options only came after Democrats reminded legislators that it is wildly unreasonable to require a pregnant person to wear a blazer.

Why are Missouri lawmakers so obsessed with policing women's bodies and dress? 

Maybe if Missouri lawmakers listened to their constituents and prioritized actual political crises, the state wouldn't be wasting time controlling women's clothing choices.

Missouri lawmakers must remove this regressive, sexist law from the house rules and prioritize actual issues that matter. Sign the petition now if you agree!

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