Elon Musk is Taking Over This Tiny Town and Devastating the Lives of Residents and Wildlife!

The village of Boca Chica is a tiny, quiet, unincorporated community that sits on the southernmost tip of Texas. Its residents, many of whose families have lived there for generations, describe it as "paradise." But life in paradise has become a lot less idyllic ever since Elon Musk came to town. SpaceX, Musk's pet aerospace project, put down roots in Boca Chica back in 2014. The company's presence has grown more and more disruptive to the town, and now, it's coming to a head. Elon Musk wants all of the residents of Boca Chica to leave their treasured homes. Forever.

Sign the petition to demand that SpaceX and Elon Musk halt plans to take over the residential areas of Boca Chica immediately! If they cannot keep their original promises of allowing life to continue as normal in the small town, the company should leave and find a more suitable setting!

Boca Chica has about 40 residential houses, and Elon Musk wants all of them. This is a far cry from what Musk and SpaceX promised the residents back in 2012, when plans were first being made. Residents remember the promises -- SpaceX would be an exemplary neighbor, SpaceX would never dream of interrupting these people's lives, SpaceX's work would not even require residents to wear hearing protection. Then the explosions started. Two rockets burst into flames. Another completed a "hop," and then started a bushfire that burned 100 acres.

The people aren't the only ones in danger. Boca Chica is located within a national wildlife refuge, and is a part of what is called the Lower Rio Grande Valley 'Wildlife Corridor,' which "connects habitat along the Gulf Coast to the Rio Grande and allows wildlife to travel unimpeded." It is one of the few places where rare endangered sea turtles can safely come ashore and lay their eggs. Over 500 kinds of migratory birds use the trees and brush of the area for refuge on their long journeys. But, according to Musk, "We've got a lot of land with nobody around, so if it blows up, it's cool."

Residents' lives have gotten worse and worse for years. Checkpoints popped up out of the blue on the only road leading into or out of Boca Chica, operated by SpaceX personnel. SpaceX's work started to become louder and longer, lasting into the wee hours of the night under blinding floodlights. Workers not only operated deafening equipment, but blasted their own music, too. At one point, residents received word that if they heard a siren, they were to evacuate their homes -- if not out of Boca Chica completely, then just to their yards would do. Why? Because testing on a new rocket could potentially shatter the windows of every residence.

Now, SpaceX and Elon Musk want to buy all of the homes they once promised not to disturb. They want the residents gone, and they want to be able to completely decimate the area, razing these people's homes to the ground, to continue with their work. Residents were offered amounts determined by SpaceX appraisers who never even stepped foot into the homes or ever told the residents what they were doing. Approximately 20 families in Boca Chica have refused to sell their properties to SpaceX, as is their right. But the company continues to bully and manipulate these people, making life in their beautiful village unbearable.

This is just truly evil. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic, PayPal founder Elon Musk's net worth has doubled, reaching a whopping 36 billion dollars. When it comes to disturbing and displacing people, money is no issue. When it comes to doing irreparable damage to our wildlife and the environment we share with them, again, money is no issue. This billionaire bully must not be allowed to buy his way out of acting ethically.

SpaceX must adhere to the promises they originally offered to Boca Chica's residents. If they cannot, they should go elsewhere. Sign the petition if you want Elon Musk to immediately stop his campaign to take these people's homes away!
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