Biden Must Not Delay Protecting Transgender Student Rights Any Longer

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Biden Administration

In a time when the rights of transgender students are under increasing attack, the Biden administration has delayed crucial updates to Title IX regulations, putting off protections for transgender student athletes until after the election. This decision, driven by political calculations rather than the urgent needs of vulnerable students, must not stand. Children are not pawns to be sacrificed in political games; they deserve safe, non-discriminatory environments where they can thrive and compete fairly.

Sign the petition to urge President Biden to prioritize the safety and rights of all students by immediately finalizing and implementing the promised Title IX updates!

The administration's delay, supposedly due to the controversial nature of trans rights in sports, is unacceptable. Every day without these protections is a day too many for students facing uncertainty and discrimination in their schools and communities.

These regulations are not just bureaucratic red tape; they are essential protections that ensure transgender students can participate in sports without facing discrimination. The proposed changes include preventing blanket bans on transgender student athletes and ensuring fairness in competition. It's imperative that these changes are not only introduced but also robustly defended and implemented.

Transgender rights are human rights, and it's time for the Biden administration to live up to its promises. 

Sign this petition to urge President Biden to stop delaying the vital Title IX updates that protect transgender students!

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