End Police Brutality! Today!

    Hello community, my name is Dalvin

    I was pulled over Sunday Oct. 9th around 2:39 am while driving a stranger to work , he woke me up from my sleep.. And asked for a ride down academy to his job..It started as just a regular traffic stop.. the officer walked towards the car, told me to place my hands outside so he could see them, and walked to the car's passenger side. Note that I was not confrontational and I even greeted him with a joyous attitude. He then asked for my driver's license and I complied, giving it to him. After checking my license 3 or 4 more squad cars came into the scene after 1 minute or so and 3 or 4 more officers walked to my car and they told me I had a to take a marijuana DUI test. They asked me if I was on any substances like marijuana or alcohol, and I told them No. Then I remember them saying that they would be detaining me in hand cuffs , and told me to get out my car, while opening my door I was questioning the peace officers, asking them what I had did to receive a DUI. I swing my legs out asking them why I was being detained with handcuffs for A DUI on marijuana? I wasn't drinking or smoking while driving so I was confused and wanted some answers.. But they were not giving any infractions I had broken...they were very aggressive while I was compliant, I was just asking questions... Then I asked them if I could stay seated in my car while my feet was out the car.(Note every officer on the scene was Caucasian.) It was then when one of the peace officers violently grabbed me and my natural reaction was to pull my hand back, it was an accident, the reaction of me pulling back was my body reacting from fear. I was scared and I lost all my senses once they started immediately punching me in the face, while pulling me out of my car... After the first punch I tried to say okay, I tried to say sorry, I tried to lay on the ground but they were grabbing me and kicking me in the head and kneeing me in the face and punching me everywhere possible. After that I lost consciousness a little and tried the best I could to just lay down... I was covered in blood, badly bruised, and my eyesight was halfway gone. (keep note that my eyesight is still damaged from this incident) After this happened they quickly switched out the squad from the guys who beat me up to two women officers and one guy who just came on the scene. (Note that the passenger, a hispanic male, that I did not know was in handcuffs, but extreme force was not placed upon him, he was later let go) they would not give me the names of the officers or let me speak to them to ask why they had done this to me.they were trying to cover this incident up as quickly as possible. The white woman officer told me I was under arrest...I don't remember her telling me why I was...at this point I am very hurt my speech may have been slurred from the beating, my physical movement may have been a little wobbly.. it was obvious I had been beaten badly (keep note no crime was committed by me, I was falsely accused of commiting criminal acts) by 3 white men when I entered the ambulance. When I got into the hospital.. I was admitted quickly and a white female police officer took pictures of my injuries using her phone. My left eye was swollen shut, bruised with blood, right eyes bruised as well. My head was covered in bruises lacerations, abrasions, as well as my toes, knees, elbows, hands, back, spine. My whole body is in pain and damaged.
    During the hospital check up the white female officer asked if I wanted to take a DUI test, saying that if I refused to take the test my license would be taken but I could get it back , and I had to get it back from some department before 7 days passed... She didn't read the paper right, and I couldn't see the paper with swollen eyes, so I thought I would get my driver's license back as soon as I get out of jail, with no problem.. but after I signed the paper to refuse the DUI, they re-read it and told me that I may lose my license for 1 year or more, at that point I asked could I have time to reconsider. And they wouldn't give me my rights to choose in consideration.. They claimed that they didn't have time to break down to me what the paper said . I could not read it .. I was injured badly...I was very hurt physically and emotionally at this point, recognizing that the women officers were also coercing with the men officer's who put their hands on me... They were protecting the male officers and it's obvious with the bodycam evidence, i requested body cam evidence but I was told that I cannot view it myself because of an open criminal case..how can I defend myself in court without proper evidence? How can I make sure evidence isn't tampered with if I cannot have a copy myself? This was also confusing for me and this feel like my constitutional rights are being dishonored and broken.
    I need help with finances to pay for an criminal lawyer. My public defender has not answered her phone or contacted me. It has been 3 days of unanswered voicemails. I don't think she has time to focus on my case. I need a lawyer that has time to handle my case carefully. These peace officers have lied on their reports, stating that I assaulted them, in the 2nd degree, with a knife.. only to give a cause to why they used excessive force on me. I am scared for my life and liberty. Please help me expose the police of Colorado Springs Sand Creek Division, Officer Hickman, along with 12 other officers are conspiring with each other to charge me with felonies, my career will be tarnished if they get away with this. I am a good man. I don't deserve this punishment. Thank you for reading
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