End the production of McDonalds Happy meal toys!

  • par: Alicia G
  • destinataire: Mcdonalds corporation

With Our Earth struggling to breathe We are All trying to find solutions to end the suffering Our planet is experiencing.
McDonald's is a huge corporation that supplies children with a plastic toy to EVERY Happy meal. 602,000 HAPPY MEALS PER DAY ARE SERVED IN THE USA ALONE!  We All know the playtime with these toys lasts as long as the car ride home or maybe as Your child eats but where does this plastic end up?                            We have a big problem with (plastic) pollution overwhelming Our Oceans.   I think in replacement to these toys there can be a positive alternative. Maybe a book or seed,tool?  We All can help in this by signing. Let's bring attention to Mcdonalds and ask for a positive change!


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