Kick Hannity and Ingraham off the air over secret January 6 texts!

Sean Hannity and Laura Ingraham knew how bad January 6th was, and even begged Trump's Chief of Staff Mark Meadows to intervene. Yet, almost a full year later, they have made no mention of their involvement, nor have they revealed the real narrative of that fatal day.

Texts from Meadows reveal the truth of Hannity and Ingraham's perspective on January 6th – that it was a dangerous disaster. Meanwhile, on air, they pushed conspiracies that it was actually left wing protestors, that the attempted insurrection was "peaceful", and even that the violence should be accepted because of previous Black Lives Matter protests.

Add your name to call for Hannity and Ingraham to be kicked off the air over their secret January 6 texts!

Hannity and Ingraham both modified the ways they spoke about January 6th to the public in a way that fit the Republican narrative, despite knowing and acknowledging the gravity of the situation to Meadows as it was unfolding. 

For television anchors that hate "fake news," they sure aren't doing a great job at being honest.

Sign here to demand Hannity and Ingraham be kicked off the air!

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