Let's put an end to cruel and unusual punishment

The prison system are filling up with drug attics and alcoholics, most of which are not actually criminals. We're not saying some of them don't deserve to be punished ,but a lot of them don't have any victims,or property damage, and are getting 40 ,to 50, years to life, for having a disease, society looks at these people as worthless, socially undesirable,or a menace to society, and so many times, as the case with my friend for over 50 years, who works everyday, he is a productive member of society, hes a family man, and hes a good person ,who will help anybody who ask for his help, he's a good man, he wouldn't hurt a fly, and he has a heart as big as Dallas, and he has a family, that relies on him.Evan though he has a degenerate disease in his ankles,  he dont miss work, he's not a thief, and dont believe in people stealing from anyone, his only problem is that hes an alcoholic, but he's stopped drinking, somany people like Randy are getting longer sentences ,than most murderers, and child molestérs, and child traffickers.Im not saying some alcoholics and drug addicts dont deserve to be in prison, because some do if they are not good people, if tjhey hurt people, if they are thieves, and a menace to society, but I am talking about people that are not, like my Randy,  hes spent the bigger part of his life in prison ,because of DWI s , and now he could be facing a life sentence, and for a person who is not a criminal, who is a loving, caring human being, he's never done harm to nobody, you will not find a better person than he is.In this case and many more like him, this is a waist of a life, that has done so much in his life ,for the good, and has proven to so many people , that he doesn't belong in prison, and especially for the rest of his life, hes 64 years old, and the sentences they give to non violent, victmless, crimes, who have a disease, we dont send people to prison for life, if they have....(for example), cancer ,and their taking hydrocodones ,or morophine, or a hard legal drug, and their impaired, and go out and have a wreck, and kill a hole family, our judicial system would have mercy on them, and they would most likely do no time at all.. Our system, judges and sentences alcoholics, and drug addicts ,all the same, no matter the circumstances, and it's not right it's cruel and unusual punishment, each person, and each case, should be heard as individual cases, the ones who hurt people,and are just worthless criminals ,that don't care what they do, then they deserve harsher sentences, im not saying it should be over looked ,or that they shouldn't be held accountable for their actions, but it should depend on the character, and there crimes, and rather there is victims, or property damage, the sentence should match the individuals involved ,and there charges, and unless they cause severe injurys or death, none of them deserve a life sentence, please sign this petition ,tzo help the parole board to see randy not as a stiatistic ,but as a human being, a man who believes in God, and loves his family ,like so many others whose lifes are over ,because they have a disease, Randy Powell is my life long friend, my husband to be, and the father of my son, please, one signature at a time, can get the cycle of this cruel punishment started being seen on an individual basis, I know many of you have loved ones spending their lives in prison ,who also dont deserve such a lengthy punishment, please sign the petition.  Please help randy and me to at least have a chance at a future together, and to help stop this cruel and unusual punishment being put on so many families. I would just like also to say that this is also injustice of  our constitutional rights, under common law , if there is no victim, and no property damage, ...there is no crime....so what happened to our constitutional common law, God given rights? What happened to our republic? Who gave congress the right to create these statues, not laws, that was not voted in by...we the people? Congress is not suppose to be able to make laws, our government, our justice system, and our judicial courts are all corrupt, we have let our government have way to much power, we've let them become exactly what our forefathers created the constitution was created for to protect us from a tyranical government if we keep going like it is the corruption will only get worse , and its already beyond fixing. Only we the people can change things if we stand together.please sign the petition?                    Thank You,  Randy and Gwen Powell

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