Tell Congress: Pass the Railway Safety Act!

After 954 railway related deaths in 2022 and many more in 2023, it's time that we protect this critical piece of infrastructure with the safety measures it needs.

This bill is more than just a regulation; it's a commitment to safety, accountability, and preparedness:

It requires the Secretary of Transportation to issue regulations establishing rigorous safety requirements for trains carrying hazardous materials.

It includes provisions to expedite the phase-out of old railroad cars that no longer comply with modern safety standards.
It also provides funds for research and development related to making our railroads safer while balancing efficiency of transportation.

If we can make railways safer, not only will it better protect our communities, but it will also allow for broader expansion of this essential infrastructure for the future of high-speed travel.

Sign on now to tell Congress: Pass the Railway Safety Act to protect our transportation systems!

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