Shut down the new Ajax plant polluting the air in Flint, Michigan!

The people of Flint, Michigan are working overtime to stop their community from being exposed to even MORE dangerous pollution, this time from a new Ajax asphalt plant that has been allowed to operate while the legal challenges against it are sorted out.

Nearly a decade after the water pollution crisis that exposed thousands Flinters to dangerous levels of lead poisoning, they now have to contend with a plant that spews toxic carcinogens in the air.

Demand the Ajax asphalt plant in Flint shut down IMMEDIATELY!

Flint's people already have to deal with the awful pollution from the Genessee Power Station Incinerator that gives people cancer and asthma. They can't endure ANOTHER major source of pollution in their town!

It's no secret why all the dirty projects are being moved to Flint — because the community is largely Black and low-income, and corporations think they won't face much pushback. But they're wrong this time.

Shut down the new Ajax plant polluting the air in Flint, Michigan!

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