Disney, Use the New Dumbo Movie to Spread the Word About the Horrible Treatment of Circus Animals

  • par: Care2 Team
  • destinataire: Walt Disney Animation Studios
Dumbo, the 1941 Disney animated film, is an American classic. The movie tells the story of a baby circus elephant named Jumbo Jr. aka (Dumbo). Dumbo is cruelly ridiculed for his huge floppy ears but they miraculously help him fly.

The film taught children everything from the power of a mother's love to the worth of a good friend and the value of compassion. The film was a joy to watch even though, for much of the film, Dumbo was anything but happy.

As a circus elephant, Dumbo and his fellow pachyderms were forced to perform to screaming crowds at the threat of whips and bullhooks. And while Dumbo was a cartoon, there are thousands of circus elephants around the world whose misery is very real. Like Nosey — the 30-year-old elephant who has been forced to travel and perform with Hugo Liebel and the Florida State Family Circus since 1988. Or Baby — a young elephant forced to entertain the crowds of Garden Bros Circus spectators.

The teaser for Tim Burton's remake of Disney's "Dumbo" hit the internet this week and has already gone viral. Judging by the reactions in the Twitter-verse, people can't wait to see it. It's got a star-studded cast and the graphics look amazing. But the film makes the circus look glamorous, almost magical. Something that is not the case for the thousands of elephants and other animals living in cages behind the big top.

Care2 hopes that the Dumbo remake won't lead to a resurgence in popularity of the antiquated institution of circuses. Disney has a responsibility to drive awareness around the abuse of elephants in circuses.  That's why we are asking Disney to donate a portion of the proceeds from the film to the Elephant Sanctuary in Tennessee

This the debut of this film is a great opportunity to educate the public about the abuses in the animal entertainment industry. Please sign the petition and let's make it happen.
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