America's Biggest Egg Producer Should Be Entirely Cage-Free

The life of an American laying hen can be a pretty miserable experience.

She's crammed into a cage so small she can't stand up or spread her wings. She's packed and stacked next to thousands of other birds just as traumatized as she is. She's breathing in their filth and illness as she lays egg after egg.

In recent years, grocers, restaurants, and socially conscious consumers have worked to promote the use of cage-free eggs and less horrifying conditions for laying hens. Unfortunately, now America's largest egg producer is threatening to once again ramp up its chicken caging in the name of the almighty dollar.

To stop the company's retreat from compassion and spare chickens the awful cruelty of cages, we need as many caring people as possible to speak out.

Note: It is especially important that Cal-Maine hear from people who regularly buy and consume eggs. For profit-driven companies like Cal-Maine, commerce usually trumps compassion. The company will be far more likely to implement more humane practices if they can see how it will help their bottom line.

Add your name now to tell America's largest egg producer that you want more compassion and less cruelty in the egg business. And if you buy or eat eggs, please say so.
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