Demand Congress close the loophole in the Congressional insider trading ban!

  • par: OD Action
  • destinataire: United States Congress

For far too long, our elected representatives and government officials have been able to profit off of their positions, using the wealth of information available to them to buy and trade stocks at opportune times and enrich themselves in ways that normal traders can't.

The Democrats are finally addressing the issue with a sweeping ban that would ban all members of Congress, their families, and officials in all three branches of government — including, crucially, the Supreme Court and the president — from buying and trading stocks. But there's a loophole that would allow them to place their assets in a "blind trust" and leaves the door open for Congress to redefine what exactly a "blind trust" means.

Call on Congress to do the right thing and stop our elected officials from profiting off their positions for good!

If you'll recall, Donald Trump placed his assets in a "blind trust" when he was President, and that was quickly revealed by ProPublica to be entirely a sham. Ethics watchdogs like Walter Schaub are worried that this bill would legitimize Trump's corruption and open the door for members of the government to follow in his shady footsteps.

Governance should be about serving the people, not their personal pocketbooks. There's far too much corruption in American politics, and closing this loophole would be the first step toward addressing that serious issue.

Demand Congress close the loophole in the Congressional inside trading ban!

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