Save "Good Girls Revolt"

  • par: Kelsey B
  • destinataire: Amazon, Netflix, HBO, Hulu
Good Girls Revolt is a critically acclaimed, feminist series about the 1970 landmark class action gender discrimination case against Newsweek and it was canceled because one male CEO didn't like the content. GGR is a beautiful, empowering and honest portrayal of the fight these women and many like them went through to demand the right to equal opportunities in the workplace.

Sign the petition to demand that one of these networks picks it up for future seasons! 

The show had great ratings as well as a large and loyal base. Apparently, GGR had twice the viewers of Amazon's Transparent. Essentially Amazon Studio's Head Roy Rice just "didn't like" the show and now a whole generation of women who could benefit from this amazing story will suffer.

Mettre À Jour #1il y a environ un an
Roy Price is the executive that canceled this show because he didn't like it. But now he has resigned from Amazon because he has been accused of sexual harassment. Obviously his decision was biased because he wanted the ability to keep harassing in the workplace. Demand Amazon brings back this amazing show now that Price is out!
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