Lloyd Maunder Butcher’s: Add Vegan Options!

Every year, 77 billion land animals are slaughtered for their meat worldwide. There is hope. As of January 2021, there were/are approximately 79 million vegans in the world. The number of vegans skyrocketed by 40% in the UK in 2020. Close to 1.5 million Brits are now vegan, if not more. People of all ages and backgrounds are transitioning to veganism.
Adding vegan options at Lloyd Maunder's would be a great business decision, as well as a great step forward for the animals. It could also help improve Lloyd Maunder's environmental sustainability and improve Lloyd Maunder's image. It could mean that Lloyd Maunder could make online news on both vegan networks and more general networks like the BBC, as well as newspapers and vegan magazines. Despite the fact that some vegans would be put off of going in a butcher's anyway, many other vegans would be happy to support vegan options at Lloyd Maunder's.
Yes, I am well aware that Lloyd Maunder is a butcher's, but there are even vegan butchers! Just because Lloyd Maunder is a butcher's and butchers generally sell only/mainly meat does not mean that Lloyd Maunder should not make the ethical, eco-friendly and smart business decision to add vegan options to all of its outlets.
Thank you.

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